Enteral feeding bottle with screw cap and suspension loop for the application of additional liquid in enteral nutrition patients

Capacity: 1.000 ml 
Item no. 52598-001 - PZN 07369843 
PU: 12 pcs. 
Auxiliary item no.

The CLINIFLEX ® LFL enteral feeding bottle is an empty, non-prefilled bottle for the exclusive administration of liquids, such as still water or tea, within the nutritional concept for enteral nutrition therapy.

The volume of the CLINIFLEX ® LFL enteral feeding bottle can be easily controlled thanks to the transparent material and the scale (200 to 1000 ml). The handling is optimal due to the ergonomic shape, the large filling opening and the integrated hanging device.

The bottle (made of polycarbonate) and the screw cap (made of polypropylene) are reusable and can be cleaned manually or in household and industrial dishwashers with conventional cleaning agents. 

Registered in the auxiliary equipment directory. Compatible with pump and gravity transfer systems for wide-neck bottles.

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